Testimony of drug addict

Matt Hoover was saved in the Hamilton County Jail about five years ago and then led alot of inmates to the Lord both in the jail and in the Silverdale Facility.
He is now an Youth Pastor in a church in Trenton, Georgia and preaches in a lot of churches, rescue missions, and jails. He is also a facilitator for a domestic violence program!  He is now working on his college degree.

Matt was addicted to both methamphemines and crack cocaine.  He is now totally committed to the Lord and making a positive and powerful differences in the lives of young people.
Jared Ingram experienced major traumas as child that made him very vulnerable to drugs. He came to the Hamilton County Jail and the Lord got a hold of his heart and he faithfully served the lord for almost three years in the jail. He was facing more than ten years for a serious assault charge that involved a knife.  His charges were reduced by the grace of God and he was sentenced to time served, which was a miracle of God!

Jared is now ministering in a jail and a rescue mission. He also is studing for a degree in a Christian school.  I called him our "local theologian" as he spent a lot of time studing the Greek and Hebrew languages.


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