A victim cannot allow their identity and sexual orientation be dictated by the sexual abuse that they experienced as a child. The adult or perpetator who victimized them shouldn't be allowed to shape their destiny and design.

Homosexuality doesn't happen because of genes deformity.  It is created by adults who victimize children.  An adult uses a child for self-gratification and a child is introduced to sex at an age when they are unable to process it. The child is deceived in thinking that they are being loved when in fact the child is being used.  The adult's lust for sexual pleasure from the child will confuse the child's identity and sexual orientation.

Homosexual is abnormal and is against the design of the Creator of the universe.  It is dirty sex in every sense of the word. It is the result of a child being sexual abused or gender confusion because the child cannot relate to a particular gender or doesn't have a same sex role model that they can emulate.

Homosexuality must be rejected by the person who was victimized as a child.  Homosexuality is the result of a reprobate mind that believes that it is normal and that is simply a sexual preference for someone of my own gender. See Romans 1:20-28.

Homosexuality is becoming one with the perpetator who abused you as child. It is also true that some individuals get introduce to it in correctional institution where weaker inmates are either abused or exploited by stronger individuals. God both forbides and condemns its practice in the Bible.  Homosexuality is mention in the same context as a person having sex with an animal. (Leviticus 18:22).

Sex isn't dirty in the context of marriage and family.  Sex is the highest expression of love in a relationship between a man and a woman, who are committed to one another and they have made a vow and a covenant before God and in the presence of family members and friends. They become one and they promise to be faithful to each other forever.

Children born as a result of this kind of holy union will experience love and stability. A holy union will create a family that loves each other and ideally loves God.

God loves the person who is a homosexual, but he hates their sin of practicing homosexuality! The Lord has the power to deliver those who are enslaved by this powerful sin! But the practicing homosexual must reject it and seek the Lord's help. The Lord remembers the child who was
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