Bitterness refers to a settled hostility that poison
the whole inner man. Someone does something we don't like, so we habor ill will against them. Bitterness leads to wrath, which is the explosion on the outside of the feelings on the inside. Wrath and anger often leads to brawling (clamor) or blasphemy (evil speaking).  The first is fighting with fists, the second is fighting with words. Bitterness is always characterized by an unforgiving spirit!

What is so terrible is the fact that many Christians are dominated by bitterness and a unforgiving spirit. Therefore, they are controlled by guilt and shame bacause the Lord will measure out to them the same degree of forgiviness that they measure out to others.  Therefore, their cries for forgiveness isn't heard by the Lord because they will not forgive others.
The end result will be that their guilt and shame will not be eradicated.

The emotional toll for bitterness is inmeasurably as it affects a person's
physical and emotional health because guilt, shame, anxiety, depression and rage will reign. Their world will be nothing but darkness and despair. This leads to both suicidal and homicidal thoughts that potentially can explode in dangerous and irrational behavior!

Therefore, it is parmount that family members, who are seperated from one another, seek reconcilation and forgiviness from each other in order to experience emotional healing and gain God's approval on their lives.

This is very important for Christians who are divorced to resolve their differences and get rid of  bitterness toward their ex-spouse in order to bring healing and reconcilation for both his and her families. Their children are continuously traumatized by their parents' unwillingness to forgive and the bitterness that colors their world with utter bleakness
and despair.

These divorced parents will be in constant conflict with anyone, who has a
disagreement with them. Their physical health will be at great risk as anger and anxiety will plague their emotional state and lead to early death by means of a heart attack or stroke!

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