Enabling Addicts

This kind of individual's world is spiraling out of control, but they are so deceived by their pride that they cannot see reality. They think that they are so smart because they manipulate people especially their loved ones. They never learn from their mistakes because their loved ones are constantly getting them out of trouble. They never hit what is commonly called "rock bottom" where an individual is hurting so much that they become humble and begin seeking help.

Tough love is allowing these young people to experience pain and consequences for their behavior. They must learn to "clean up their own mess."

Therefore, don't pay their bond and get an attorney for them. Let them "pay the piper." They are safer in jail or even prison than being on the streets where they become a drug casualty. The greatest pain a parent can experience is losing their child because of a drug overdose. The biggest mistake that a parent can make is sparing their child from learning to take responsibility for their behavior.

Restoration Of Sane Sobriety (ROSS) -What the Bible has to say about drugs/alcohol.   Ethanol (alcohol) is a drug!!!

“Wine is a mocker. strong drink is raging, whosoever is deceived thereby, is not wise.”  (Proverbs 20:1).   Break it down into three parts:

I.  Drugs alters self-image:  "Wine is a mocker..."you will be mocked and become a laughingstock.  You initially think that drugs will boost your self-confidence and help you become very out-going!  Reality check-it turns you into a clown because you will say and do thing that are funny. You will be mock by others.  Strips a person of their self-respect.


II. Drugs alters your emotions and temperament:  "...strong drink is raging..." turns you into a rageacholic.  Alcohol has a double edge sword effect:  It is a powerful depressant and it inflames your passion that you become quickly angry and out of control.  Initially, you think that you’re a happy-go person.  You will become a Brawler.

III. Drugs alters your judgements:  "...whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise..."you’re impaired to drive even though you think that you are well-coordinated. You’re in denial about how intoxicated that you are!  The more you use drugs-the more you live in denial about the seriousness of your drug problem. A Fool!

Why do people use drugs in the first place?

1.  Self-soothe:  to relieve your anxieties and fears about life.  25% of Addicts

2.  Social spark:  to celebrate my victories and feel good (fun) 25% of Addicts

3.  Secrets in the family:  50%  Dysfunctional family-a lot of conflicts between

 Mother and Father-yelling and screaming.  Maybe domestic violence.

 Father is watching porn on the computer.  Mother is addicted to soap

 operas and using pills like Xanex and valium. Maybe father drinks too

 much. Constant put-downs and verbal and emotional abuse.  Sexual abuse: 


Drug Addicts-Victims of Arrested Development or Fixation on

Childhood Traumas (50%) Drugs are use to anesthetize or numb feelings  (pain  

and undeserved Shame)

A fixation or intense focus on childhood traumas concerns individuals who have buried the painful effects of their trauma deep within their subconscious where it screams for help. Hence, many of these types of individuals will self-medicate themselves with drugs and alcohol to seek relief.

Seven types of traumas that fuel this cycle are listed in order of significant:

1.    Rejection/abandonment from a parent(s) or a guardian.

2.    Incest

3.    Molestation

4.    Physical Abuse & Emotional Abuse

 5.    Divorce

 6.    Death of a close friend or family member

 7.    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


IV.    Sorceries:  Mention three times in the book of Revelation

        (Rev  9:21; 18:23; 22:15) 

       A.  Satanic influence as if he cast a spell on you

             1.  Sorcery means an enchancement with drugs or enchanter of

                  drugs.  In the Greek language it refers to pharmaceutics or



   V.  Characteristics of an Alcoholic/drug addicts (Proverbs 23:23-35)

       A.  Plenty of troubles, sorrows, conflicts, and wounds without causes

       B.  Despite all kinds of consequences they still want their favorite

             drug the next day.  (Proverb 23:35)

       C.  His desire is enlarge like hell (Hab. 2:5, 15-16)

              1.  He will not stay home

              2.  He is like death that cannot be satisfied

              3.  He has much financial debts.  (Hab. 2:6-7)


     VI. Curse on those who influence his neighbor to drink (Habakkuk 2:15


          A.  Store owners, tavern owners, bartenders

          B.  Anyone who gives someone a drink or drug.


  VII. Contrast between a Spirit-filled Christian and someone under

          influence of alcohol/drugs-Ephesian 5:18.


     A.  One is controlled by the Holy Spirit while the other one is

           controlled by evil spirits.

     B.  One is singing and rejoicing by means of the Holy Spirit

           while the other one is making a fool of themselves.

     C.  One exhibits great self-control while the other one is under the

           influence of evil spirits and exhibits no control.                            

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