Career Criminal

Many individuals who engage in criminal activity do so in order that they can support their drug problem; but a career criminal engages in order that they can support their lifestyle. For them, criminal activity is a way of life to make "easy money!" Most of them prey on innocent victims. They are very narcissist individuals who worship the trinity of I, Me, and Myself!

Many career criminals are socialpaths, who we can view as the predators of the modern world. Like all animals, they too possess certain qualities that helps them to become efficient hunters so they can prey on innocent victims. Socialpaths are unable to feel remorse, regret, or any emotion beyond rage. They are superfical, calculating, and cunning. They tend to project an image of confidence and warmth.

Socialpath are unable to truely understand  emotions like love, caring, or sympathy. They feel no moral obligation to others. Instead, the people in their lives become tools, used to obtain the things they want. Self-Image is parmount, as it encourages ideas like trust from people.

For the socialpath, this mindset of gaining people's trust is invaluable. Such a thought process allows them to manipulate others, obtain positions of respect and power, and to catch their prey unaware of threat. These traits act like camouflage, as Socialpaths 'blend' in better with society by being active members of our community.

Humanity has the power to create tools to fit purposes; while the socialpath has the ability to create the things he needs to capture and kill his prey, and the mind to do so without any conscience!

Serial killers and sexual predators are the worst kind of socialpath. Ted Bundy was a good looking and charming law student, who was very brillant. He used this brillant to prey on unsuspecting women and girls that he torture, rape and murdered! Under a section called porngraphy
you can view the last interviewed that Ted Bundy gave just a few hours before he was executed!

A genuine socialpath needs to be incercarated indefinely to protect our society from these predators. The old adage best applies to them: "Locked them up and throw away the keys."
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