Pornography addiction is becoming more and more common in today's society, and not just men are being affected, but women and children are being trapped by its seducing powers.  Viewers of pornography, tend to exaggerate the number of people who engage in uncommon sexual practices, and may be persuaded to participate in these activities because they are convinced that they are normal sexual practices. Many women have been coerced into participating in pornography, sometimes even against their will. Some males may use pornography to try to weaken their intimate partner's resistance.
Porn is often used to persuaded a woman or even a child to engage in certain acts, to make these acts seem okay, and to weaken their resistance, refusal, or even disclosure of these acts. This tactic manipulates women and children into so-called sex play, making them more vulnerable to further sex acts. Many are coerced and even forced into sex acts they do not want to participate in by men using porn. When they are shown these materials, they may feel more compelled to participate in unwanted sex acts that they are deceived into believing are somewhat normal. Pornography distorts perceptions of sexuality by giving the impression that some rather uncommon sexual acts are more common than they actually are. Rape is often portrayed as a common practice in some porn films.

The laws of social learning suggests that viewers of porn can begin to have arousal responses to images of violence sexual assaults by repeated associations. Another social inhibitions that is lost is the fear of disapproval from peers. Fear of being caught and convicted is an example of a social inhibition. Porn influences some males to want to rape women; and weakens some male's social inhibitions.

The laws of social learning (for example, classical conditioning, habituation, and social modeling), apply to all forms of mass media, including pornography. Most behavior modeled in porn films subordinates and violates women. Often masturbation during or after viewing a porn film reinforces the association. The youthfulness and susceptibility of some viewers make it more likely that they will copy sexist, degrading, and violent sexual behaviors. Pornography enhances male dominance over submissive women and children, erotic childhood sexual abuse and other forms of violent sexual behavior.

Ted Bundy was a very intelligent law student, who view pornography for so long that he had a insatiable desire to possess women. He begin to look at pornography that was both sadistic and violent. Eventually he rape and murdered women and girls in several states until he was captured in Florida and found guilty of rape and murder of three women and one girl. He was put to death for these crimes.

In this correctional facility we have had many individuals who were addicted to pornography, who eventually raped both women and children. One of these individuals used alcohol and pornography to weaken the inhibition of a twelve year old girl and a thirteen year boy who were brother and sister. He influence these siblings to have sex with each other before he molested them. The man who victimize these children was their step-grandfather. The grandmother tried her best to get the children to recant their statements regarding their abuse. Pornography led them all to cross all moral and emotional boundries. Praise the Lord that the
perpetatator received 25-30 years for his criminal

Here is the last interview that Ted Bundy gave before he was put to death. He spoke with nationally known
psychologist, James Dobson.

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