I have personally interviewed hundreds of homosexuals over the years and everyone of them
but one told me about being
sexually abused as a child. The exception was an individual, who tryed to debate with me regarding the so-called genes theory that he couldn't help the fact that he was born as a homosexual. Our debate took place for several years until I saw him in the community dressed up as a woman. I didnt debate with him at that time. But suddenly he shared with me that his oldest brother started having anal sex with him when he was eight years old.

For several years I have dealt with an individual, who was sexually abused by several teenagers when he was four years old. The abuse lasted for three years. This individual became a successful businessman, who hate himself because he was a practicing homosexual. He used alcohol and drugs to try and blot out the horrible memories he had of being abuse. He was constantly on the edge of suicide.

He trust the Lord the last time that he was in the jail and I encouraged him to write letters to the individuals, who abused him. He admitted that it was impossible in himself to forgive them. He did asked the Lord to give him the grace to forgive as he understood that was the only way to be set free from them both mentally and emotionally. He finally wrote the letters and admitted that he felted better about himself after writting those letters.

When I was a director of a girl's home I had several girls, who were sexually abused by adult women. I recall one fourteen year old girl, who was abused by her aunt. Her sexual orientation was confusing to her and her sexual preference was
women instead of men.  Her sexual preferencey was drastically
changed because of the sexual abuse by someone she trusted.
She also was a mentally challenged child, who was taken  advantage of by a trusted family member.

There are usually 200 women incarcerated in a facility in this area and there is a major problem with homosexuality among the female inmates there. Many of them had a poor relationship with their father figure.  So many of them were sexually abused by a father figure.  Therefore, they have a lot of wounds and hurts buried inside of them that creates a lot of animosity toward men. Many of them were victims of domestic violence so they have little respect toward men. They are often victimized by aggressive lesbians when they are incarcerated or they simply yield to these sexual advances out of fear.  It is also true that many of them become victimized while in pursuit of being loved by somebody. Their desperate need to be loved makes them a target and a prey for female sexual predators.

When I was a director of a boy's home I remember a very handsome and athletic young man of eighteen years old, who shared with me that he and his brother were adopted by a couple. The adopted father sexually abused both brothers and eventually divorse his wife and got custody of the two boys and continued to sexually abused. This handsome young man ran away from home and lived with several girls over a period of a year. Even though he looked like an all-American football player, who women found very attractive yet he constantly lived in great fear that he would end up being a homosexual. He was torment by that fear!

I have had several young men in the jail, who were sexually abused by their biological father. They were all in the jail for sex crimes. I counsel with them regarding the dynamics of emotional focus.

I explained that if two people love one another they will develope an intimacy and oneness that results in them beginning to think and act like one another. On the flip side, if a person hold someone in contempt and that person constantly is controlled by concentrated flaskbacks then that person will become like the person. Some of them wrote therapeutic letters forgiving their father for sexually abusing them.

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