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This video on YouTube is about a former Marine, who experienced the worst kind of arrested development as a child and then experienced post-traumatic stress disorder both as a Marine and later as a civilian.

The treatment that the Marine received worked primarily because it focus on helping him to bring to the surface repressed and painful memories. He was able to verbalize and venilate the feeling related to those memories. It didn't have anything to do with the flashing lights and audio stimulation. 

He  also was exposing his pain and releasing those feelings
that had been numbed. The most dangerous thing you can do is keeping
those feelings buried where they "scream" for relief and release!

Post-traumatic stress disorder refers to an anxiety disorder and that term is usually reserved for soldiers who return from combat and have a lot of difficulty in re-adjusting to society. They are haunted by flashbacks that reminds them of the traumatic events that they faced in a Combat Zone. Both the fear of death "hovering" over them and the constant violence that they saw were horrible and powerful memories that they buried in their subconscious to keep them from having a mental breakdown. It developes after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened. Traumatic events that may trigger PTSD include personal assults, natural or human caused diasters, accident, or military combat.

People with PTSD have persistent frighting thoughts and memories of their ordeal and feel emotional numb, especially with people they were once close to. They may experience sleep problems, feel detached or numb, or be easily detached. They also have recurring nightmares, emotional numbness, periods of panic, depression, and rage; sometimes exploding acts of violence, and often guilt about surviving when their buddies didn't survive!

They are often plagued by guilt, both true and false, about what they may have done or not done while in combat.  These soldiers survived in combat by "shutting" down emotionally.  Unfortunely when they come home they will "shut down" emotionally with loved ones. They are prone to being violence even with loved ones. Many of them will use alcohol and drugs to numb the pain that they have internalized.

Post-traumatic stress disorder was called "shell shock" in World War I, and "battle fatigue" in World War II and "operational exhaustion" in the Korean War.

It explains why so many veterans of World War I,  World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and the recent Gulf Wars have become alcoholics and drug addicts who are often prone to become violence.  Sad to say, they never deal with their PTSD issues and they end up creating families that are very dysfunctional.  Their children become victims of arrested development, who have major issues with substance abuse.  They in turn create a new generation of children, who become victims of arrested development.

Suicide has become of an epedemic proportion of veterans returning from war in Iraq and Afghastain in recent days and that can be clearly understood when we realize that so many of this recent veterans of PTSD were also victims of Arrested Development as children. They have experienced what we can simply say was a "double whammy." It is difficult for them to function when they have been a victim of both Arrested Development and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Therefore, they become highly suicidal!!!

The condition of post-traumatic stress disorder is very similar in  nature to arrested-development, a condition that affects many adults, who were victims of rejection, incest, sexual molestation, physical abuse, emotional abuse, divorce, and the death of a parent while they were children. Their fixation on their child traumas will cause them to have intense pain that will cause them to be haunted by painful and repressed memories and undeserved shame of what happen to them in the past as children. You can read more about Arrested Development under the sections called the Cause of Drug Addiction and the Chaplain's Corner.

These victims cannot enjoy today or plan for tomorrow, because their mindset is in the past. This is especially true of victims of sexual abuse.  Likewise, victims of PTSD live in the past and have an inability to be able to function as an adult. They cannot cope with any stressful circumstances that come into their life.

The Chattanooga Police Department named Mickel Hobart "Officer of the Year" in 2007.  Two years later, the Iraq war veteran was fired for having post-traumatic stress disorder.

Recently Chancellor Jeffrey Atherton's of Hamilton County Chancery Court ordered Chattanooga to give him his job back with back pay. I say, praise God for the grave injustice that was reversed by the court.

A seperate 1.5 million dollar federal lawsuit could bring the US. Department of Labor into the case to prosecute Chattanooga for violating the  Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Act according to Phillip Lawrence, Hoback's attorney in both suits. The law among other things, covers cilivian employment conduct concerning miltary personnell.

It is my earnest prayer and hope that the city of Chattanooga will be penalized and have to pay out the 1.5 million dollars for their gross disrespect and the mental and emotional injuries that they
inflicted on this decorated officer, who had been in treatment for more than two years for his condition of PTSD. He was addressing his condition which is in contrast to most victims of PTSD, who will not deal with their condition except to self-medicate it with drugs and alcohol.

A victim of PTSD must learn to verbalize and ventilate your feelings. 
Therefore,  it is very importance to write on paper everything that happen to you and share it with someone. You're not sharing in order to get self-pity, but instead you share in order to get understanding and compassion. You also are exposing your pain and releasing those feelings
that have been numbed. The most dangerous thing you can do is keeping
those feelings buried where they "scream" for relief and release!

You cannot miminize the importance of the power of forgiving those who abused you.  Many individuals, who were victims of arrested development
developed a lot of hatred toward their father, who may have been a veteran of a war.  Their father may have been a victim of PTSD, who  were never able to deal with the issues that are related to PTSD.

Therefore, a victim of arrested development must feel compassion for their inner child, who was an innocent  victim, who didn't deserve to be abused. They also must have the adult feeling of compassion for the perpetator or offender, who abused them in order that they can forgive that person.  An understanding that their father was a victim of PTSD will help them to have a desire to forgive that person.

You cannot be emotional unshackled unless you are willing to forgive. It also is true that you will not forgive until you have experienced forgiveness personally through Jesus Christ.  See the section on the Cause of drug addiction to have a greater understanding of Arrested Development.

The key to treatment is to nullify their horrible and painful memories by replacing them with powerful,  pleasant and comforting memories. As a victim of arrested development I learned the value of memorizing and meditating on the Word of God. I especially focus on verses that were in reference to fear, worry, hate, and anger. I buried them in my subconscious and allowed them to "blast" away and nullify my painful memories.  A good example is I John 4:18: "There is nor fear in love, but perfect love cast out fear, because fear has torment; he that fears is not made perfect in love."

Unfortunately, victims of Post-traumatic stress disorder and Arrested Development create cursed generations that are often called Generation Cursings. "The sins of the father are visited on their children (Exodus 34). 

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